Motivation Monday with Aaron {Nov 15, 2021}

MEH. That’s slang for indifference or lack of enthusiasm; to be used when one doesn’t seem to care. Sometimes life is “meh,” especially when circumstances and interruptions are invading every part of your life. And distractions can become more difficult to deal with when guardrails no longer fend them off. The distractions can be family troubles, difficulties at work, economic, health problems, etc. Suddenly I feel like a dog chasing its tail. It is so meh because my joy just left town with my normal life.

Of course, we know that as a Christian, life should not be meh. We know that we have been given a new life in Christ and that our lives are part of a bigger picture, a greater story, the beautiful story of redemption, love, and eternal glory. But life is not always rainbows and butterflies; James 1 confirms this.

However, life can be challenging, and if we are not careful, it can rob us of our joy. So, think about and answer this question: What is your obstacle, your distraction to joy? Many would answer that question with two words, “if only…” If only I had more time, if only I made more money, or I made that big sale, or the kids behaved a little better, or my child got that college scholarship.

When we operate out of the world of “if only,” clinging to a self-proclaimed barrier to joy, we fool ourselves into thinking joy depends on our circumstances; the Word of God is clear that it does not. Our joy is simply to be found and completed in the knowledge of God’s grace and our salvation as John 15:11 tells us: “I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.” Therefore, the only hurdle to joy is believing there is one. Those barriers or distractions become opportunities, not obstacles. Although distractions can be difficult, we can find true joy if we trust in God and His plan.

The secret to finding joy in “any and every situation” is found in anchoring our lives in something that is so large and unshakeable that it towers over every miserable situation or experience in this life.

If you are a believer, there must have been times when you've seen God’s hand in a situation and you are like, “Wow, God did that!” And you feel joy. Or looking at creation and suddenly feeling so small compared to God who created everything. That too is joy. Or if you are singing a worship song and you sense God’s presence and His tender love and compassion for you and your heart begins to be full of praise. That is joy too. As James 1:2-4 proves to us, we need to remember that the bumps in the road, the distractions, the trials, are from God and for His purpose in our lives. That too, should give us joy.

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